Robin Love is a multidisciplinary artist based between Peterborough and Montreal whose work investigates the space between theory and practice, between not knowing and knowing, between the virtual and the real.

Robin would like to gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council.

Voice Coaching Lineage

My interest in voice stems from my transformative experience studying and mentoring under Peggy Redmond. I first met Peggy in 2014, having been self-conscious for sometime about being unable to project my voice through long hours of restaurant work and also having always desired to be able to sing.

Before studying voice and art, I'd come from a background in sport, participating in national and international competition, having also spent many years with a diagnosis of chronic depression. 

Peggy's teaching was compassionate, unorthodox, and experimental, and as I learned to literally use my voice, we marvelled at the ways this simultaneously freed my metaphorical voice, and in turn, my mental health.  Our shared curiosity and wonder in the possibilities of voice and its relationship to body and mind led to a longstanding friendship and mentorship. 

From Peggy I learned a methodology based in the principle that a free sound is a healthy sound, one that aligns with vocal health and hygiene and from which follows an experience of direct and effective vocal expression.

As a teacher my practice is grounded in a reverence of process itself. My background in athletics gave me strong and nuanced proprioception and an interest and understanding of the body and its responses to a wide variety of physical and psychological conditions. Art making and voice work has led me deeper into the study of creative practice and the ways we can work with body, breath, and presence to give us access to the myriad possibilities of being beyond the narrow grasp of the rational mind.

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